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FeverFilm has a broad experience in grading for cinema and TV. We house the largest cinematic venue for grading in The Netherlands (80m2), equipped with a Barco DCI 4K post-production projector. The latest Mac Pro, beefed up with 100GB of ram and 24 TB of very, very fast NVME storage, 1TB of Fast Cache storage and connected to our shared storage system for efficient workflow. Our cinema stage will be upgraded in spring 2022 with a Alcons 7.1 surround sound system for Dolby level DCP screenings. Furthermore, FeverFilm facilitates correcting colour in HDR, including Dolby Vision, to service streaming platforms like Netflix.

Due to a wide network of (freelance) colourists who use DaVinci Resolve or Assimilate Scratch, we can ensure the best fit to tailor your project.

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