DCP Mastering


DCP, Digital Cinema Package, is the standard format for digital cinema. Since 2012, all cinemas in the Netherlands are digitalised. In order to show a film in the cinema it has to be converted to DCP.


Our DCP’s are in line with the DCI’s strict norms, are SMPTE compliant and are delivered on CRU Dataport hard disks in solid plastic suitcases.


For more information on the delivery guidelines for DCP Mastering see here. 

MXF Mastering


Commercial adds often have to be supplied in a digital format and have to be uploaded to the broadcasting station. We can convert your commercial add to the MXF format and upload the file including the creation of the accompanying XML file and commercial add information. 


The commercial can be created from a client delivered uncompressed AVI or Pro Res 422 HQ MOV file. Other files are possible after consultation. The audio has to be in line with the EBU-R128 norm. 


See here for more information of the delivery guidelines for MXF Mastering.


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